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The financial solution for your business expenses. For business and private it's the easiest financial solution

What is the EPS Card?

The EPS Prepaid Mastercard ® Works as a regular Mastercard.
With one difference: you load the balance on the card beforehand. In this way you always get hold of your money.

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Advantages EPS Card

Cost/budget control

No Credit Check

Business Gifts

24/7 online access

Own IBAN Number

Distribute bonuses to your employees

E-Wallet Possible


EPSCards prepaid credit card

EPS Cards: EPS Prepaid Mastercard

The EPS Card is a rechargeable prepaid Mastercard for business use. EPS Card basically has the same functionality as an ordinary Mastercard. There is one important difference, you charge the card before use.

This has many advantages: you do not accept credit, you do not have to pay interest and can only spend what you have charged.*

* In exceptional situations, a negative balance may occur. E.g. the amount you have to pay at the hotel is higher than what has been reserved or an exchange rate has changed, in which case you must immediately top up the negative balance. See article 3.6-3.8 of the General Terms and Conditions for more information.

You can purchase worldwide* from organizations that are affiliated with the Mastercard system. This is the case with most physical stores, restaurants, manned gas stations and internet shops. You can also rent cars, pay for parking, book airline tickets and hotel rooms. An EPS Card is also a safe alternative to cash and, like a regular credit card, is secured with Chip and PIN Code. Online you are protected by Mastercard 3D Secure Code. Should you rather have cash with you? Then you can also withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide. With your business online account, you have insight into your balance, transactions and expenses 24/7 anywhere in the world. Switching to electronic payment using EPS Cards thus has many advantages.

*You cannot use your card in sanctioned countries (Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria) and Japan. Furthermore use is limited in South-America.

EPS Corporate Account

Want to order more than 10 cards? Or are you interested in our EPS Cards, but do you have specific wishes?

Depending on the size of your business, European Payment Solutions offers you various solutions to make managing your card(s) as easy as possible.

With a corporate account, you have access to all your card(s) online 24/7 throughout the world. Using an E-Wallet, you can easily load your cards and ensure that any left card balance is transferred back to your E-Wallet. This way you can easily manage the budget of your cards. View your transaction listings to check what your available balance is and make sure that all transactions made fall within your company's policy. Easy, insightful and 24/7 accessible.

Want more information? Our account managers are happy to assist you. Contact corporate@epscards.com or call +31 (0)20 416 181 3 without obligation.

EPSCards prepaid credit card

EPSCards prepaid credit card

EPS Branding Solutions

Win the hearts of customers and create tangible distinctiveness over your competitors!

EPS Cards, printed with your company name or logo are a great branding opportunity for your business.

This is called co-branding. Mastercard is an internationally renowned A brand with excellent reputation. Co-Branding can therefore have many advantages for the appearance of your brand. In addition, your customers always have your brand with them. You cannot wish for a stronger relationship with your customers.

Set EPS Cards as Original Incentive for your staff or your rooftop sellers. Give EPS Card as a premium (additional service for exclusive customers) when purchasing your product or service. Integrate EPS Cards into your loyalty program as a rechargeable customer card and get into customer behavior outside your own environment.

EPS Marketing Payment Solutions

Are you in online marketing, are you specialized in Facebook advertising or adwords?

European Payment Solutions understands the importance of continuity in your campaigns. In addition, we understand that when using multiple cards, you want to keep the overview.

With your own corporate account, you will receive 24/7 online access to your own cards and an E-Wallet in which you can load funds. From your E-Wallet, you can load your EPS Cards in real time. This makes downtime in your campaigns due to insufficient balance a thing of the past! You can always intervene if there are insufficient funds and your campaigns are threatening to stop. Through various reports that you can turn out, you can maintain the overview in your administration. From transaction data per card to a general overview of all your cards (check for example in 1 action, what the balance is of all your cards) it is possible with your own Corporate Account.

Want more information? Our account managers are happy to assist you. Contact corporate@epscards.com or call +31 (0)20 416 181 3 without obligation.

EPSCards prepaid credit card

EPSCards prepaid credit card


Below you will find an overview of the prices and limits for the EPS Business Card.
The EPS Card is valid for three years.
Purchase costs EPS Business Card    € 60.00  
1st Annual fee   € 60.00  
Additoonal Annual fees   € 60.00   
KYB registration fee   € 50,- (one-off)
Corporate Account with E-Wallet   Price on request  
POS Transaction within EU   Free  
POS Transaction international   € 0.35  
ATM withdrawal in EU   € 2,50  
ATM withdrawal international   2.00%  
Currency exchange rate   3.00%  
Balance limit EPS Card   € 15.000,-  
Daily Load Limit   € 7.000,- 2 loads p.d. 
Max. daily cash withdrawal (ATM)   € 250,-  p.d.
Max. mothly cash withdrawal (ATM)   € 1000,-  
Max. yearly cash withdrawal (ATM)   € 12.000,-  
Max. daily purchase   € 3000,-  
Max. mothly purchase   € 10.000,-  
Max. yearly purchase   € 30.000,-  
iDEAL   1,50% min. €2,-
IBAN Bank transfer   1,50% min. €2,-

Please consult our general terms and conditions for a comprehensive overview.