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What is the EPS Card?

The EPS Prepaid Mastercard ® Works as a regular Mastercard.
With one difference: you load the balance on the card beforehand. In this way you always get hold of your money.

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How does it work?

The EPS Prepaid Card is a prepaid Mastercard®. You charge the card for use and spend what you have on the card.* So always make sure you have sufficient balance on your prepaid Mastercard. This can easily be done 24/7 via your own My EPS account. For each EPS Card prepaid Mastercard there is an online account in which you can view your data, transaction history and balance. Here you will also find the possibility of charging the EPS Card. The card can be charged via: iDEAL or bank transfer to your own EPS Card IBAN Number.

*In exceptional situations, a negative balance may occur. E.g. the amount you have to pay at the hotel is higher than what has been reserved or an exchange rate has changed, in which case you must immediately top up the negative balance. See article 3.6-3.8 of the General Terms and Conditions for more information.

EPS Card IBAN account number

Each EPS Card prepaid Mastercard is accompanied by an IBAN Number, which allows you to easily load the card from your own banking environment. For example, set a monthly transfer to never be without balance or let your customers pay out on your EPS IBAN account number.


Mastercard is an internationally renowned A brand with excellent reputation. The EPS Prepaid Mastercard is therefore accepted worldwide*. The EPS Prepaid Mastercard is valid for 3 years. Consumer cards can be renewed, just contact our support team a week before your card expires. If you have a EPS  basic Card your card can only used for on and offline purchases within the Netherlands.

* The card cannot be used in sanctioned countries (Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria) and Japan, furthermore use is limited in South America.

Withdrawing cash at an ATM

If you have a basic card, the function to withdraw cash at an ATM can be opened by contacting our customer service. If your card was upgraded, then you can already use the card to withdraw cash.

EPS Plus Card

We know 2 types of consumer cards. The EPS Card or EPS Plus Card. You can upgrade your EPS Card to an EPS Plus Card upon receipt for;

- higher charging limits and
- more charging options,
- additional features like:

  • sharing funds with other EPS Plus Cards, or
  • loading your card via a credit card
  • ability to withdraw more cash from the ATM
  • using the card outside the Netherlands 

Don’t forget to check out the FAQ for more information about your specific questions.









min. €2,-

IBAN Bank transfer



min. €2,-

Card 2 Card funds sharing




Sending funds from From EPS Plus Card to EPS Plus Card



min. € 2,-

Sending funds from From EPS Plus Card to EPS Plus Card by SMS


1,50% + €0,25

min.€ 2,-

Maximum Card 2 Card transactions per month


€ 500,- 


Limits EPS Card (Basic card)




Max. stored monetary value on your EPS Card


€ 500,- 

1x load per day

Max total purchases per calendar month


€ 250,-


Max. withdrawal limit EPS Card at an ATM 


€ 100,-

This limit ifor the entire time your card is valid.

Use EPS Card

  Netherlands Both for onnline and offline purchases
Limits EPS Plus Card      

Max. load limit  EPS Plus Card per day


€ 4.500,-

2 x per day

Balance limit EPS Plus Card


€ 15.000,-


Max. withdrawal limit EPS Plus Card at an ATM 


€ 250,-per day

€1000,- a month and €12000,- a year

Use EPS Plus Card   Worldwide*

* Not in sanctioned countries (Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria) & Japan.
Limited use in South America.


Do you have a basic card and want to be able to do more with your card? Then upgrade your card. Log into your account, click on "Upgrade my card" in the left menu. We check your ID and address and then you can use all the benefits of a plus card!

Also take a look at Terms and Conditions for a complete overview of the pricing.

Don't just believe us on our word, see what our clients have to say:



European Payment Solutions also has a Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ page! Here you can see an overview of common problems that are easy to solve!


The delivery time of your EPS Card prepaid Mastercard is 6 to 12 business days. Please note that the shipment takes place from the UK.

Have you not received your EPS Card prepaid Mastercard after 12 business days? Please contact our headquarters: +31 (0)20 416 181 3 or support@epscards.com.

Cooling off period to revoke your order

You can revoke your order within 14 days after activating your card (cooling off-period). Send an email to support@epscards.com. Enter your name, order date, date of birth and reason for your revocation. Note: Only 14 days after activation, you will be entitled to a refund if you have not used the payment services. Did you never activate your card? Then you will be entitled to a refund until 30 days after the purchase date. We may ask for additional documents in order to make the refund possible. You will receive your money back within 30 business days. If your order has already been shipped, we will block your Card. You are then responsible for the destruction of your card.


You can cancel your EPS Card (Plus) at any time. Make sure all your fees are paid. Send an e-mail to support@epscard.com. Please state your name, card number, date of birth and reason for termination. Your card will be closed and you are responsible for the destruction of your card.

Note: First, clear your balance by spending this (online) or by withdrawing the money from an ATM. A refund is also possible for this, however, a fee will be charged.

Lost or Stolen Card

You can temporarily block it to protect your funds. If you've found the card again, you can also remove the temporary blockade easily. We advise you to keep this in mind when traveling.

Block: text the text LOCK space the last 4 digits of your EPS Card to +31 (0)6 310 458 00

Unblock: Text the text UNLOCK space the last 4 digits of your EPS Card to +31 (0)6 310 458 00

Contact us as well so we can take the appropriate action to help to prevent any fraudulent use of your card and arrange a replacement card to be sent.

To report your lost or stolen card, please contact our customer service. Phone number: 088-3334440 or when abroad +44 203 327 199 1.