EPSCards prepaid credit card

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The 4th AML is now final! As we have previously communicated, European laws and regulations for the use of Prepaid Cards in Europe have been amended.
The objective of the 4th AML is to make the payment system safer for everyone against money laundering, fraud and terrorist financing. This also means that the control on prepaid card use is now stricter. Are you going on a Holiday abroad? You'll need to upgrade your card to use it there!
Due to the legislative changes only the EPS Card Prepaid Mastercard account holder whose ID + Address has been verified can still make payments with his/her card outside the Netherlands. This also applies to paying on foreign websites. 

What does this mean for you:

You can prepare your ID + Address verification by means of a so-called Card Upgrade. You can do this easily. Log in to your EPS Card account to securely upload your documents via "Upgrade my card".

Without ID + Address Verification, the use of the Prepaid Card is limited:

  • You can only pay with the card in the Netherlands, both online and offline.
  • You can spend a maximum of € 250 per month with your card
  • You can withdraw a maximum of € 100 in cash.

Do you want to continue using your EPS card as usual and enjoy additional benefits?
Upgrade now to an EPS Card+ Prepaid Mastercard. Nothing will change for you. You can continue to use your current card and PIN code.

Do you also want to renew your card immediately? Then you will receive € 2.50 cashback * from us on the upgrade card of € 5.00. 

Prepaid Cards with ID + Address Verification may:

  • Pay with the card outside the Netherlands, also on foreign websites
  • € 250 cash withdrawal per day at an ATM
  • € 4500 per day to reload the card
  • € 12,000 per day balance limit

In addition, you contribute with EPS to a safer payment system for everyone! 
PS. Don't see the option in your MyEPS Account? You probably already have a EPS+ Card or a business card, and that means there is no action required from you.